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Brand New font from Jukebox! Santoro Script

Hello fellow type lovers! I am excited to announce that I have just added a new font to the Jukebox library that is brand new for 2017!

The new font is called Santoro Script and is an OpenType font designed to capture the fun and whimsy of hand painted sign lettering. The font contains three versions of each letter (and in some cases more) which allow the user to mix and match glyphs to create a more natural hand drawn feel. These alternates can also be put in through the use of OpenType features*. 

Sample of Santoro Script

The font is named in honor of YouTuber Matthew Santoro, whose funny and delightful videos helped get me through a very dark time in early 2015. Matthew was kind enough to let me dedicate the font to him as a way of saying "Thanks". 

*In order to use the font features to the fullest extent, it must be used with Open Type savvy applications.

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