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Periwinkle is a fun and lively digital revival based on an old photo-typositing face. Filled with 1960s and 1970s charm, Periwinkle contains a full set of alternate swash caps as well as a few lowercase swashes and other alternate glyphs to add typographic variation. This font seems to take us back to our childhoods with its curly cues and slightly modulated baseline. Perfect for any project that needs fun, laughter and liveliness!

The original Periwinkle Fancy font has been combined into this new version of Periwinkle. All of the alternates are now in one font as OpenType alternates.

Jukebox fonts are available in OpenType format and downloadable packages contain both .otf and .ttf versions of the font. They are compatible on both Mac and Windows. All fonts contain basic OpenType features as well as support for Latin-based and most Eastern European languages. 

Each quantity of "1" in the shopping cart represents a single license for up to 5 computers. Please select a quantity based on the number of computers you need to install the font on accordingly.

For example:

  • 6-10 users = quantity of 2
  • 11 to 15 users = quantity of 3, and so on.

Bulk discounts are automatically applied.

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