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Valentina Joy


Valentina Joy is another one of the most popular Jukebox fonts in the collection. It is a dynamic and flowing script font that is a "semi" digital revival. The design is partially based on an older photo-typositing font that I have seen used*, but I never could find the name or a full type specimen of the mysterious original. Starting with the letters I had, (about 1/2 the alphabet) I filled in the rest with characters of my own design to match. It has ultimately become its own design and yet retains the feeling of the original. The relatively small x-height gives it a unique look.

Jukebox fonts are available in OpenType format and downloadable packages contain both .otf and .ttf versions of the font. They are compatible on both Mac and Windows. All fonts contain basic OpenType features as well as support for Latin-based and most Eastern European languages.

*The newest version of Valentina Joy has recently been updated to include a few extra characters as an additional source sample of the original font was recently spotted. The old glyphs have been kept as alternates.

Notable Use: Valentina Joy was used on the posters and DVD covers for the movie "Must Love Dogs" starring Diane Lane and John Cusack.  

Valentine Joy used on movie poster for Must Love Dogs

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